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We want to hear from you about TeeGolf. It's new, and it may tax the purist sensibilities of many golfers. However, most recreational golfers ignore some of the USGA rules, particularly when they go out and golf just for fun. They typically take mulligans, improve their lies, and even set their golf balls on golf tees from the fairway or rough.

TeeGolf simply puts a set of easily remembered and digested rules on these recreational tendencies.

Consequently, we want to hear what you have to say about:

The TeeGolf game itself

TeeGolf gameSpecific rules

TeeGolf gameYour experiences and stories about TeeGolf

TeeGolf gameTips on how to improve your TeeGolf game

TeeGolf gameInterest in sponsoring a tournament

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TeeGolf Basics

1. TeeGolf is a golf game using revised USGA golf rules, played on any regular golf course.

2. Golf tees may be used any place on the course except the greens.

3. Golf ball lies may be improved according to TeeGolf rules.

4. Three mulligans may be taken on each 9-hole round, without adding to total score.

5. Any types of golf clubs or balls may be used without restriction.

Click here for the TeeGolf Rules.