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The Recreational Golfer's Game



Since TeeGolf is a new game as of 2006, no tournaments have been scheduled. However, we intend to have a series of local and state tournaments, ending in a national tournament.

We are planning to have an inaugural tournament sometime during the summer of 2006 in Colorado.

The structure of the tournaments will consist of local tournaments, only for residents of cities and towns. Winners of city/town tournaments will be invited to county tournaments. County tournament winners will be invited to state tournaments. The winners will then be invited to the national tournaments.

Tournaments will be held mostly on executive courses and other golf courses with total yardage of less than 7,000 yards.

If you have an interest in sponsoring a local tournament, please contact Chuck Peterson (Head TeeGolfer) by clicking here: TeeGolf Tournament.




TeeGolf Basics

1. TeeGolf is a golf game using revised USGA golf rules, played on any regular golf course.

2. Golf tees may be used any place on the course except the greens.

3. Golf ball lies may be improved according to TeeGolf rules.

4. Three mulligans may be taken on each 9-hole round, without adding to total score.

5. Any types of golf clubs or balls may be used without restriction.

Click here for the Teegolf Rules.