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Comments on TeeGolf Rules

Rule 2: Equipment


Rule 2.1 Clubs

TeeGolf places no restrictions on the types or brands of golf clubs you may use to play the game.

You can use the following clubs, which are called "noncomforming clubs" by the USGA and the R&A:

- Drivers that are banned by the USGA which don't meet their standards related to the coefficient of of restitution (COR). COR is the efficiency with which a driver transfers energy from the club head to the ball.

The problem with clubs for the USGA is that players can drive the ball too far. However, for the average recreational golfer, who can't drive the ball nearly as far as the professionals, the extra yardage isn't enough to make any significant difference. Plus, using drivers that get more distance for the average golfer makes the game easier for the recreational golfer. And that's the main goal of TeeGolf.

You may want to check out the clubs that the USGA and R&A you can go to the USGA's web page listing the "noncomforming" clubs. Of course, the reason these clubs are on the list is that they drive the ball too far. As a recreational golfer, you may want to take advantage of these clubs to better your TeeGolf scores.

- Adjustable clubs. Adjustable clubs are irons that can be adjusted from a putter to a wedge, which means that you can use one club to cover all the irons. You can even use the club as a driver ( although you can't get the distance when you use an adjustable club for a driver). See the Divnick Whole-in-One adjustable club or the Condor One-Club as examples.

- There are no restrictions on putters. You can even use a mallet-type putter which you can use like a croquet mallet. Banned by the USGA and R&A.

Rule 2.2

There are no restrictions on the golf balls you use.

You can use golf balls restricted by the USGA and R&A.

These golf balls are banned--"nonconforming"--because they fly too far. For recreational golfers, you want to get as much distance as you can, making the game easier.

Rather than giving a list of nonconforming golf balls--like the USGA does with drivers--they list the golf balls that conform with their rules--conforming golf balls.

Rule 2.3

As stated in the TeeGolf rules, you can use a tee any place on the golf course except the green.

You can use any type of tee (wood or plastic). The only restriction is that you can't use a tee more than 6 inches in length.

There are many innovative types of tees on the market today. You can use any of them, even the no-slice tee which is banned by the USGA.

If there is a situation that you think isn't covered by the rules, feel free to let us know about it, by clicking here: Contact Us.



TeeGolf Basics

1. TeeGolf is a golf game using revised USGA golf rules, played on any regular golf course.

2. Golf tees may be used any place on the course except the greens.

3. Golf ball lies may be improved according to TeeGolf rules.

4. Three mulligans may be taken on each 9-hole round, without adding to total score.

5. Any types of golf clubs or balls may be used without restriction.

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