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Rule 6: Striking the Ball from a Sand Trap


Rule 6.1 Placement of the ball

You may use a tee in a sand trap. Probably the most difficult shot in golf is hitting a ball out of a sand trap. Hitting the ball off a tee makes the shot much easier. No more clouds of sand.

You may place the ball on a tee no more than one club length from where the ball came to rest. However, you may not take the ball out of the sand trap and the ball can not be placed any closer to the pin that where the ball came to rest..

Of course, in TeeGolf you may take a Mulligan if you don't like the shot you made from the sand trap.

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TeeGolf Basics

1. TeeGolf is a golf game using revised USGA golf rules, played on any regular golf course.

2. Golf tees may be used any place on the course except the greens.

3. Golf ball lies may be improved according to TeeGolf rules.

4. Three mulligans may be taken on each 9-hole round, without adding to total score.

5. Any types of golf clubs or balls may be used without restriction.

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